Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Time Flies

Exactly 12 days from now my baby boy will be 6 months old!  I seriously seems like yesterday he was born.  I set up his 6 month picture appointment with Sarah at Clashing Collaborations and I am super excited!  She and her husband Kyle took my maternity photos and they turned out so amazing.

Jameson weighed 6lbs 2oz at birth and now weighs about 15lbs!  He is such a big boy...I love him so much :) He has learned lots of new "tricks" in the last few weeks also.  He is now sitting up on his own, he can pull himself up, rolls from back to front (he can roll front to back too but has only done it a couple times), he drinks from a sippy cup and my favorite...when you ask him to say mama he says "mmmmm".  Before I know it he will be crawling and I will have to get baby proofing :)

I have included some collages of my journey through pregnancy and Jameson birth - 5 months.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Wonder Weeks

For the past month my typically sweet, quiet, angel baby has turned into fussy, cranky, non-sleeping baby.  I am constantly exhausted between trying to give him the attention he wants and his erratic sleeping pattern.  Thanks to the wonderful mama's of WTE I believe I have finally solved the puzzle.  Jameson has been going through wonder week 19 and we are now on the downward slope.  

I had never heard of wonder weeks before but it fits his recent behavior 100%.  It is a sudden developmental leap that typically happens around 19 weeks and can last 4-5 weeks.   Check out this blog that one of the WTE momma's suggested: Bloggin About Babies.  

Like I said I believe we are actually past or almost past wonder week 19.  Thank goodness!  It is absolutely amazing the development that Jameson has made in the last week and a half.  He has way more coordination, can sit unassisted for about a minute, is rolling over, and when you ask him to say mama....he says mmmmm!  I am pretty excited about that last one.  There are other details of his movements and the way he looks and plays that have also changed.

So I want to take a moment and thank my WTE mommy's for being there!  This first time mommy would be lost :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Other than my dentist appointment (stupid cavity) this Memorial Day weekend was great!  We spent most of the time relaxing and hanging out with my family.  We went to the farm and Jameson had a good time swinging and putting his feet in the grass and gravel.  That was a new experience for him.

We came home a day early to get Jameson back on a schedule and get some stuff done around the house.  The weather was beautiful so we broke out his swimming pool.  He absolutely loved it...pretty much giggled the entire time.  I squeezed into one of my swimming suits and joined him but I have determined no one gets to see those pictures :)  I need to invest in a one piece...dang stretch marks!

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