Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jameson's Blog

Mommy has been busy tonight so I decided I would help her out and tell you about my big day!  It started off when I woke mommy up at 3am cause I was a hungry little man.  I then woke up again at 7:30 like usual and daddy took me to grandma's house for the day.  I am such a big boy now that I have decided I don't have to take a nap today.  So I didn't!
(P.S. Mommy didn't get pictures of all events so I found some on the internet)

Then when mommy came to pick me up I decided to show her my new trick.  I stood all by myself and clapped to show them how proud I was of myself :)  Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa clapped too!

Mommy took me home and we played and I helped her upload a new picture of mommy and me to show off to her friends.

When mommy was done she picked me up and I had a big surprise for her all up my back and on mommy's hands.  

I decided to have a little fun with mommy while she changed my diaper so I wiggled out of her hands and got stinky all over mommy's foot, myself and my changing mat.  Once mommy wrangled me down I pottied in my own face and all over the floor.  So mommy made me take a bath.  

Then I ate dinner and played with daddy!

Mommy brushed my teeth.

Now it is time for bed, so daddy is going to read me a book.  Good Night!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Time sure has flown by in the last couple months!

Jameson is all over the place.  He is finally crawling on all fours and can pull himself up like a champ.  He has started shifting his weight from object to object but no steps yet.  I am not looking forward to the actual walking and then the running :)  He is already so fast, I don't know how I will keep up and he gets into everything!
Pulling himself up!
My birthday was last week and I really miss birthdays from when I was a kid.  "Grown-Up" birthdays are just no fun!  I worked all day, stayed late to work on the dress for the IIDA fashion show and then went to bed.  I did get a new watch, since I lost mine on vacation though.  It especially sucked since we didn't win anything for the show, so much time and effort and so little reward.

For those who don't know about the the show, basically each Firm is assigned an interiors product and you create an outfit from the material.  For example there are outfits made of carpet, wallcovering, upholstery fabric, tile, etc.  The first year we participated we were assigned Corian (yes counter top material) it was difficult, last year we had wall covering and this year we had fabric.  I have to say that this year was especially difficult (even though you would think fabric would be easy) because you had to sew it all.  In years past we sewed here and there and stapled, taped and clipped it together...LOL!  Here are out outfits over the years...

2008 Corian Punk Inspired (yes that is me)

2009 Wall Covering Dress

2010 Dress 1950's Inspired (Before)

2010 Dress 1950's Pinup (after)

My portfolio and website for Beauty by Baird are progressing rapidly.  Teisha is so easy to do make-up on she makes my job easy and I am really looking forward to seeing the photos from her shoot this weekend!  They are going to be the best yet!  I helped her choreograph a routine (though she did most of it) and she danced while the photographer took pictures.  With more shoots to come my portfolio will be ready soon.
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