Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jameson's Blog

Mommy has been busy tonight so I decided I would help her out and tell you about my big day!  It started off when I woke mommy up at 3am cause I was a hungry little man.  I then woke up again at 7:30 like usual and daddy took me to grandma's house for the day.  I am such a big boy now that I have decided I don't have to take a nap today.  So I didn't!
(P.S. Mommy didn't get pictures of all events so I found some on the internet)

Then when mommy came to pick me up I decided to show her my new trick.  I stood all by myself and clapped to show them how proud I was of myself :)  Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa clapped too!

Mommy took me home and we played and I helped her upload a new picture of mommy and me to show off to her friends.

When mommy was done she picked me up and I had a big surprise for her all up my back and on mommy's hands.  

I decided to have a little fun with mommy while she changed my diaper so I wiggled out of her hands and got stinky all over mommy's foot, myself and my changing mat.  Once mommy wrangled me down I pottied in my own face and all over the floor.  So mommy made me take a bath.  

Then I ate dinner and played with daddy!

Mommy brushed my teeth.

Now it is time for bed, so daddy is going to read me a book.  Good Night!!

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  1. OMG, this was just adorable!! Glad your mommy made you take that bath, Jameson! ;)


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