Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jameson's First Christmas!

Well our Christmas holiday started off with a "Bang" and not in a good way!  We planned to leave our house for the 3 hour trek to my dad's at 9 am on Thursday morning so that we would be there for lunch.  That didn't happen!

I woke up Thursday morning with pink eye.  I automatically knew where I got it and couldn't believe a simple hug would contaminate me!!  So no big deal right?  I will just run to CVS and see the nurse practitioner to get my prescription.  I go to the new CVS by my house and apparently they don't have a clinic, so on to the next closest CVS and guess what...they don't have one either.  Frustrated to tears at this point I drive to a CVS that I know has a clinic, get Jameson out of his car seat, walk in and there is a big sign hanging there "Nurse running late, ask Pharmacy for details".  I ask the Pharmacist "She didn't show up today so we are trying to find a replacement".

At this point, I have been driving around dragging Jameson in and out of the car for an hour!  I have a complete meltdown.  I am late for leaving town, I have pink eye, Jameson most likely will get it too, it will ruin his first Christmas because he can't play with his cousins and now I can't get medicine!  SO what do I do?  Go home and put Jameson down for a nap and sulk instead of packing to leave.

Another hour goes by and I finally get packed when the phone rings.  Zack wants to go see his Grandpa for Christmas before we leave town.  I figure we may as well; I am already 2.5 hours behind and there is a Clinic next to their house.  We go for a nice visit with his grandpa then head to the Clinic where I finally get my prescription.  Now 4 hours behind we head out of town.

We had a nice afternoon of traveling and visiting with my dad then went to dinner.  Dinner was delicious, yummy Mexican food.  Back to my dad's, put Jameson in bed, then at 11 we went to bed.  Jameson woke up at 11:30 screaming, nothing I could do would calm him down.  His teeth really were hurting him.  Finally around 1am he falls asleep and I return to bed.  I turned to Zack and said "that was the perfect ending to a horrible day" with much sarcasm.  Well I shouldn't have said that because 30 minutes later Zack sits up in bed "I don't feel good" then immediately runs to the bathroom.  He had what we thought was food poisoning from our delicious Mexican dinner and was up all night long which meant I slept very little.  Turned out to be the flu.
Zack wasn't himself all weekend which made the holiday not as much fun.

That was our first day of Christmas Vacation!  Really the rest of the day's went smoothly.  Jameson was completely spoiled and got a ridiculous amount of toys.
All his toys!
The most Handsome little Santa Ever!
Opening Presents
Crawling through the trash
Playing with his new toy from Aunt Ashley

I forgot to mention our visit with Santa!  Jameson was terrified!  This picture didn't turn out too bad but he cried the whole time :)

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