Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Event Planning: Color Selection

Some things have just always come easy to me and it has taken me a while to understand that these things may be difficult for other people.  Take for example the biggest difference between Zack and I .  He is Mr. Number's and I am Mrs.Creative.  Number's come easy to him, he understands the stock market, and even actually enjoys it.  I try to understand what he is telling me and I just don't can't get it.  None of it makes sense to me.   On the other hand colors, composition, design and planning are my forte.  I love doing them and the come easy to me.

For my wedding I took complete control.  Color selection was a breeze, I made every decoration, designed and printed my own invitations and programs, and even made a 3D model of the event space to show how I wanted table layouts done.  Unfortunately I didn't document all of these steps but my sister-in-law has asked me for my assistance with her wedding planning so I am doing similar planning for her.

The first step is choosing colors that you not only love but will coordinate with the event space.  It is also important to consider the time of day, season and the feel you want to convey.  Do you want it cool and crisp, warm and inviting, hip and modern, etc?  After speaking with my sister-in-law I came up with 3 color scheme options for her to choose from.  Providing a picture collage of each so that she could understand the whole concept and not just a color.

All three concepts provide a very different look.  She selected Option 2: Ivory, Silver, Blue and Periwinkle.  Which one do you like?  What colors did/will you used for your wedding?  Why?  Would you change them?

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  1. I just showed this to my future SIL and she like the bottome one. Those are the colors she was thinking of. :)


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