Saturday, March 26, 2011

Look of the Day: Bold Lips

Products Used:
#1 Eyeshadow Base: Clinique Touch Tint
#2 Eyeshadow (light shade): Mark Eyeshadow
#3 Eyeshadow (dark shade): Mark Eyeshadow
#4 Highlight Eyeshadow: Clinique Eyeshadow/Liner combo
Eyeliner: Avon Glimmersticks
Mascara: Avon Lash Extender
Blush: Clinique
Lipliner: Mac
Lipstick: Avon
Lip Gloss: Mac

Step 1:  First take an cream eyeshadow base #1 and apply it with your finger over your entire eyelid, from lash line to brow.  I chose one that has a shimmer but it is not necessary.  A concealer that is approved for use in the eye area would work as well.  The Eyeshadow base helps keep your eyeshadow in place longer and allows for bolder colors.

Step 2: Use Eyeshadow #2 and apply it over the same area you just applied the base, from lash to brow.

Step 3: Apply Eyeshadow #3 on your lid from lash line to crease concentrating the shadow a little heavier in the inner corner.  Don't worry about blending yet.

Step 4: Go back to Eyeshadow #2 and blend the two colors together.  Use upward strokes to blend the dark shadow into the lighter shadow.

Step 5: Use a highlighting eyeshadow #4 (White or Cream color) and apply it just under the brow line to give your brow some lift.  I used a white shadow that is a combo on the end of and eyeliner but any light shadow will work.

Step 5:  Apply Eyeliner and Mascara.  Start your eyeliner on the outer corner and draw the line towards the center then if needed take a Q-Tip and pull the liner in the same direction until it has a nice tapered end.

Blush:  Blush application differs on your face shape.  There are round, square, oval and heart shaped faces but if you are like me have a combination of them and never know what you are actually "supposed" to do.  So I simplified it down to two options, wide and narrow.  

If you have a narrow face it is best to apply your blush from the apple of your cheek straight back towards your ear.  This will help give the illusion of a slightly wider face.

If you have a wide face it is bes to apply your blush from the apple of your cheek in a crescent shape back towards your temple.  This will give the illusion of a slightly narrower face.

Lips: As you can see below my lower lip is fuller than my upper lip.  So I take a nude color lip liner and line my upper lip slightly on the outside of my lip line to even them out.  The same idea works if you have uneven peaks or one side is different shape than the other.  If your lips are evenly shaped then line just along the lip line to help define it.  Lip liner is very important to use when you are using a bold/bright lipstick.  It will help to prevent bleeding color.

After lipliner apply the lip color evenly over the top.  Then dab a gloss just to the center of your lips to help give a pouty lip look.

Complete:  Just a note, I applied the eye color a little darker than necessary for picture/tutorial purposes.  The same process can be used with lighter colors and achieve a similar final look.

So what do you think?


  1. I followed the eye shadow tips, you're amazing! It looks great ...i never knew how to make my eye shadow look so good!

  2. I can't wait to try this! First step, order Avon makeup. I'll be looking at the catelog this week sometime. THanks for all the great tips. You make it look SO easy. :)


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