Thursday, March 31, 2011

Make your own banner...

Are you throwing a party and need a banner to match your theme?  Are you tired of the same rainbow colored boring banners you always see?  Then make your own!  It is simple!

I made this banner for Jameson's 1st Birthday Party...

What you need:
Scrapbook Paper
Glue Stick
Hole Punch (not pictured)

Using Microsoft Word or some other program print out the letters at the size and in the font you want.  Then cut the letters out.

Trace around the letter on the scrapbook paper and then cut along the lines you traced.  If you trace the letter on the back side of the paper remember to turn your stencil letter upside down for tracing so the letter will be oriented the right direction.

After cutting out the letter glue it to the paper you selected for the background using a glue stick or rubber cement.

Cut the back ground down the the size you want your banner pieces to be then using a whole punch, punch a hole in the two top corners.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 4" long.

Thread both ends of the ribbon through the holes from front to back.

Re-thread the ends of the ribbon through the opposite hole from the back to the front.

Cut the ends of your ribbon to the desired length and you are done!


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