Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mommy Rants

Being a mother isn't always peaches 'n cream but at the end of the day I lay my little man down to sleep and feel the greatest pride one can possibly feel.  This child that made my day wonderful or even miserable is mine and he is who he is because of me.  So don't I deserve a little in return?

Jameson is 14.5 months now and has yet to say "Mama" or anything else even close yet continues to say "Dada, Dad, Daddy".  Also, in the last month Jameson has started freely giving kisses out.  He leans his head in, puckers up and says MMM-NUH and it just melts my heart.  I have been the recipient of many of these kisses until the last week when started giving Zack multiple in a row and then he will turn from me or flat out ignore me.

This is all starting to weigh heavily on my heart.  I know that he loves me but there is always a pang of jealousy that maybe he likes daddy more than mommy.   This is all very trivial and selfish but I am so jealous!!  When is it my turn for some gratification?

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  1. Anika gives more kisses to Gabe too :( It makes me sad. She just started saying dad but says it all the time when she sees him, yet she only screams MUM! I bet you would take a screaming mom over anything though. Hopefully he says it soon!


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