Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Facts

While Jameson and I were flipping through an animal picture book yesterday, making animal sounds, I came across a picture of a giraffe.  I sat there dumbfounded that I had no idea what sound a giraffe makes.  So today I head to the internet to answer this question.  What sound does a giraffe make?

Apparently it is a common misconception that giraffe's don't have vocal cords therefore don't make any sounds, which made me feel slightly better that I didn't know this.  I found a wonderful video that not only answers this question but has some other interesting giraffe facts.  Watch this video below.

In FACT giraffe's do have vocal cords but they rely on their other senses so much as an adult they just don't use them.  Baby giraffe's however will use them as seen in the video, urrrrrr.

Question for the day...did you know this?

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