Tuesday, April 5, 2011

15 Months

Jameson had his 15 month well visit today!  He wasn't to fond of the doctors stethoscope or the two shots he received but he is healthy.  His weight was 20lbs 3.5oz (3%) and height 31.25 inches (57%).  Tall and skinny as expected.

The thing that really bothered me was the doctor showed me his growth curve and said "It looks like he is right back on the curve he should be on so I am going to remove the "failure to thrive" note from his file."  His what note?  Why was I never informed that my son had been labeled "failure to thrive?"  He has been on that list since 9 months and I had no clue!

Zack did take him to his 9 month appointment while I was out of town on business.  So my guess is that they may have told him and he omitted that very important detail when giving me the update.  I don't want to come down on the doctor.  Sure all is well now so I don't need to worry about him but what else might I be missing?  Just makes me a little nervous.

On another note, Zack is now in the dog house for the night!  You don't tell your wife that you had more fun in life before you met her.  Silly boy!


  1. Way to go Jameson!!! :)

    BOOOOooooo Zack! :(

  2. What an adorable picture!!!

    And I agree with jlynn. BOOOOO Zack!!!!


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