Saturday, April 16, 2011

Applying Concealer the Right Way

For my 2nd vlog I chose concealer application because a lot of people do it the wrong way.  I'm not sure this video went quite as well as the last one so in addition to the video I have typed out the key points.

Key points:
- Pink Concealer helps hide Green skin coloring (veins, under eye).  You usually see this in people with more olive tone skin.
- Yellow Concealer helps hide Purple skin coloring (under eye, spider veins, scars).
- Green Concealer helps hid redness (acne or general redness).
- Apply skin colored concealer over any of the color correcting concealers.  To blend them to your skin.
- A light touch is best for applying concealer.  Just use light taps instead of pulling it across the face.
- The best way to think about where to apply foundation is to think about how you dress yourself.  If you want to look slimmer you wear dark colors where lighter colors can have the opposite effect.  So for example, if you have dark under eye circles you want them to appear to "pop" out so you want to add a light concealer to that area.  If you have a wide nose and want it to appear narrower make sure the concealer is as close to you skin tone as possible so it will not emphasize that area or draw any attention.
- There is no reason to apply concealer everywhere.  Only in small specific areas that are needed.  For example if you apply concealer under the entire eye you are just basically putting a blanket over it and not ironing out the wrinkles.  Just apply it in the dark area.


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