Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

As you probably noticed I didn't post much last week and I missed my weekend makeup post but things were a little hectic.  Preparing for a trip away from home with a toddler is crazy!  Between trying to pack and chase after Jameson it took me nearly 3 days to prepare for a 3 day trip.  We are back and nearly recooperated but what a whirlwind of a long weekend!

After working all day I got home, fed Jameson dinner, finished packing our bags, packed the car and finally got on the road around 8:00 only to realize we forgot Jameson's Easter present and had to turn around!  20 minutes later we were on the road again.  Jameson was an angel sleeping for the whole 3 hour trip but of course once we got there he had other plans!  We arrived around 11:15 and let Jameson sleep in his car seat while we carried the luggage in and got his bed ready.  Once we got Jameson out of his car seat he realized we were at Grandpa's house which means it is time to play.  So for the next 2 hours we were up playing instead of sleeping.

At this point mommy and daddy are exhausted and have early dentist appointments the next day.  We put Jameson in the pack and play for bed and the way he screamed you would think we were torturing him. After 30 minutes of this we finally put him in bed with us and he passed out immediately.  Which was great for him, however, Jameson is not a sweet angel when he sleeps.  You know the term "Sleeping like a baby." well only if that baby was possessed would it be the way Jameson sleeps!  Hitting, kicking, crying, snoring, rolling, tossing, turning, grunting all while he is sound asleep!  Needless to say Zack and I were exhausted come morning.

Zack and I had early dentist appointments and the good news was no cavities! We go back to the house for a much needed nap and once again Jameson refuses to sleep in his pack and play.  So while Zack went out and enjoyed the nice weather golfing with my dad.  Jameson slept on me but there was no napping for mommy once again the devil sleeper made sure of that.  At least I got a cute picture!

After nap time it was time to go out and play!  We played with Spud (my sister's dog), played in the tractor bucket, threw the ball and rode around the farm on mommy's shoulders.  It was a good time for mommy and Jameson.

Once Zack and Grandpa got home from golf we went hunting through the woods for a nice tree to cut slices out of for wedding centerpieces I am helping with.  (I will explain in a future post.)  We found a nice tree and the parasites found us!  Ticks on both Zack and my dad, luckily the rest of us made it out tick free.

After another unsuccessful nap we went shopping and decided maybe the reason Jameson wouldn't sleep was because he didn't like the pack and play.  We headed to Wal-Mart to purchase an inexpensive big boy bed for Jameson but they didn't have any.  Off to Target, guess what, they didn't have any.  One last desperate stop at K-Mart and thank goodness found what we needed.  I was starting to wonder how people with children survived in this town!  I love living somewhere with options!!

Good news!!  The big boy bed worked!  We had to stay in the room until he fell asleep or else we found him laying by the door when we came back in.  He thought it was pretty neat crawling in and out of the bed.  I think we will still wait a little longer to transition him at home but I am glad to know that it was easy for him.

After a decent night of sleep (we are still exhausted) it was time for family Easter #1.  Lots of people, lots of kids, lots of running, lots of noise and lots of adorable pictures later Easter was a success.  Jameson didn't quite get the egg hunt thing put he had fun playing in the dirt piles.  He did discover that he loves suckers!

The only picture I got with his whole Easter outfit on.

The Spencer Great Grandkids
It's Easter!  The Easter brought a bunch of fun toys to play with, golf clubs, a big ball, bat and ball, and of course candy (thanks Grandpa).  Our favorite Easter present was the fold out couch!  He loves it, grabs his book and sits on it to read.

Time for Family Easter #2.  He finally got the whole egg hunt concept and had a blast but it was all business.  Very few smiles.  Silly boy!
Oh...now I get it!
I got this!
The kids
Playing football with cousins

We made it home that night, all of us exhausted from the crazy weekend.  It is nice to visit family but good to sleep in your own bed!

This post turned out a lot longer than I expected so congratulations if you made it all the way through.  I hope you all had a great Easter weekend.  What did you do?  


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