Monday, April 18, 2011

Vlogs vs. Blogs

Now that I have a couple makeup Vlogs and several makeup Blogs under my belt I want to get your opinion.  

Which do you prefer?

Picture tutorials like my "Smokey Eye" post.

Video tutorials like my "5 Minute Makeup" post

Or maybe you have another suggestion?  

To the right you will see a poll where you can choose which you prefer.  You can also comment below or email me at with your opinions.

Thanks for your support!



  1. I prefer picture tutorials. They are easier to glance at when I'm doing my make up!
    I love the vlogs though! :)

  2. Hi Abby :) I prefer blogs over vlogs. I like to read blogs on my bb and usually skip videos just because I don't have the time to sit and watch.

  3. Thanks Brittany and Barb! I was kind of assuming this would be the majority based on the stats :) It is good to know why though, I had not considered pictures to be easier to follow than video.

  4. Always blogs over vlogs! I have to admit that I never, ever watch vlogs. It doesn't even matter what the subject matter is -- I usually lose interest after the first 5 seconds or so, if I even click "play" at all... =/

  5. Pictures over videos. I never watch videos due to the fact that I'm at work (99% of the time) and they would make it VERY obvious that I'm not actually working.

  6. Thanks everyone for your opinions!


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