Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Worthless Teenagers and the Parents Who Make Them

One of my favorite blogs posted a wonderful article yesterday.  It relates back to my "Is Your Child Perfect?" post and I felt the need to share it.  If you don't already follow Dan, I highly recommend checking out his blog, Single Dad Laughing.


Worthless Teenagers and the Parents Who Make Them
By Dan Pierce

The following is an email I recently received.

“dear dan, i am 16 and i was wondering if you could help me know what to do, cause i am at the point that i hate myself and anybody else and i feel like theres no hope and i thought that you might be able to give me some advise since you are good at stuff like that.  my mom is always screeming at me and her and my dad don’t love me and i don’t know why cause i try to do everything i can and i'm not a bad kid but they always tell me i am in fact my mom today sayd that i am one of gods biggest mistakes cause i slept threw my alarm and missed my bus. my dad doesnt ever hit me but he is always calling me an idiot or a retard or stuff like that. anyway at school i don’t really have very many friends cause i'm to shy i guess. i don’t know what to do cause i am just wanting to give up even trying anymore cause why should i? have you ever felt like nobody cares if you just disappear cause i really feel that way even with my parents.”

It kept going, but you get the gist.

I got that email a week ago. I cried. It was definitely a “last straw” moment for me.

It’s days like that when I hate opening my inbox. Those days when monstrosities lurk within that completely anger or sadden me. I’ve received at least thirty or forty emails like it in the past seven months. All from teenagers. All from broken, hurting, sad teenagers. My heart has weakened a little more with each and every one of them. In truth, I always feel so lost when I get them. I mean, what can I do other than offer encouraging words in response while I sit on the sidelines being a useless cheerleader for the wounded and bleeding?

[sigh] Today’s post is a long time coming, far overdue, and is probably among the most difficult that I’ve written for a lot of different reasons, most of which are personal to me, some of which will become easily apparent as you continue reading.


  1. Eeeks! I'm one of the few (or is it just me?) people who can't stand that guy. His posts COULD be great, but when they come with his whopping arrogance and self-righteousness, I just want to gag... He says he's not perfect, but he certainly writes like he thinks he is.

    I absolutely love YOUR blog though~ =D <3

  2. Well I am glad you LOVE my blog ;) I can see if I had an ounce of writing talent being annoyed by him like you are. But not all of us can be as awesome as you!


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