Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jameson's Early Mother's Day Gift

As you probably remember from an earlier post Jameson has been a bit stingy with the "Mama's".  You tell him to say Mama and he says Dada or No.  He refuses to say it!  It is Dada this and Dada that and I am so tired hearing about Dada.

Last night we were sitting in the living room and Jameson walked straight up to me and said "Mama" to get my attention!  I screamed, nearly started crying and was in shock.  Zack was sitting right there and heard it too so there will be no denying that he actually said it!  Of course he wouldn't repeat it but it was a good start right??

My little ladies man needs to give some love to his mama before he starts handing anymore out like he did this weekend!


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