Thursday, July 7, 2011

18 Months of Wonder

Hard to believe this was me 18 months ago holding my baby boy for the first time.

Now my life revolves around that little boy, I live for him.  He needs me like no one has ever need me and I am blessed.  He isn't much of a cuddler but he loves to give kisses and be the center of attention.  I love nothing more than the sound of his voice saying "Mama" and him reaching up to me.

I look at him and he smiles while I wonder what I did in this life to deserve something so wonderful.  I treasure our time together.  Being a mother is the most difficult and most rewarding experience. 

Jameson turned 18 months on July 4, 2011.  We had fun playing outside with the snappers (fireworks that you throw and they make a loud noise).  Poor little man fell and hit scraped up his chin pretty bad but Mama was there to make it all better.

He had has 18 month well visit the next day weighing 21 lbs 1.5 oz (2%) and height of 32.25 inches (50%).  He is tall and skinny!


  1. He is just adorable! It was the cutest thing seeing him spot you across the office, smile and wave that tiny little hand of his. :) Definitely a heart breaker.

  2. So good to see back Abby! You are both adorable!!! Happy 18 months handsome man!


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