Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Advent Calendar

Time to start blogging again!  Finally after an exhausting pregnancy and chasing around 2 children I am back to crafting and hopefully finding some time to blog.  Pinterest has only fueled my obsession and triggered my latest craft.

I found the idea for an advent calendar on Pinterest and modified.  Makoodle even provided print outs for their calendar.  Instead of just doing straight rows I opted to make mine in the form of a Christmas Tree and made my own print outs.

What I used:
- 2" favor tins
- 2" circle punch or scissors
- Print outs
- Magnets
- Hot glue gun
- Goodies to stuff in tins

I used these 2" Wilton Favor Tins from Michael's.  You will find them in the wedding supplies aisle for $19.99 but Michael's always has coupons in your Sunday paper so be sure to check for those.  I had 50% off for these.

I cut out all of the circles using scissors but if you had a 2" circle punch life would be a lot easier!

For the magnets I used those free magnets that you get at businesses, cut them into squares and hot glued to the back of each tin.  You know you have a million of them like I do!

Insert the 2" circle cut outs into the lid of each tin.  I chose not to make these circles permanent like they did on Makoodle.  Instead I made them double sided.  After my son opens up the tin for that day he can flip the insert over and there will be an ornament to decorate the tree.  By the time Christmas is here he will have a fully decorated tree.

All that is left to do is add your goodies (candy, small toys, etc) to each tin!  You could also include a fun activity for each day inside the tins.  Then it is time to put it up, mine will be displayed on my refrigerator.  Enjoy!
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