Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Wonder Weeks

For the past month my typically sweet, quiet, angel baby has turned into fussy, cranky, non-sleeping baby.  I am constantly exhausted between trying to give him the attention he wants and his erratic sleeping pattern.  Thanks to the wonderful mama's of WTE I believe I have finally solved the puzzle.  Jameson has been going through wonder week 19 and we are now on the downward slope.  

I had never heard of wonder weeks before but it fits his recent behavior 100%.  It is a sudden developmental leap that typically happens around 19 weeks and can last 4-5 weeks.   Check out this blog that one of the WTE momma's suggested: Bloggin About Babies.  

Like I said I believe we are actually past or almost past wonder week 19.  Thank goodness!  It is absolutely amazing the development that Jameson has made in the last week and a half.  He has way more coordination, can sit unassisted for about a minute, is rolling over, and when you ask him to say mama....he says mmmmm!  I am pretty excited about that last one.  There are other details of his movements and the way he looks and plays that have also changed.

So I want to take a moment and thank my WTE mommy's for being there!  This first time mommy would be lost :)


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