Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jameson Train

Going through my posts I came across this one in my drafts that some how never got posted.  This project was completed in January 2012.

For my final project for Jameson's Birthday Party I made a Jameson Train.  Surfing Pinterest I came across the yarn wrapped letter tutorials and thought it sounded like fun but needed to be spiced up a bit.  Of course the tutorials always make it sound so much easier than it really is so after much trial and error here is my final product!

First I traced and cut out the letters from a cardboard box I had around the house.  I highly recommend using an Xacto knife to cut as many as possible because cardboard and scissors don't get along well.

Then using a piece of tape I secured the yarn to the card board and started wrapping horizontally around the letter.  Once I got to the top of the "M" it got a little difficult to keep the yarn on the letter and not slide off.  I just struggled until I finally got it to stay but in hindsight I would recommend having a hot glue gun ready to tack down troublesome areas.

Once I finished wrapping the horizontal yarn I turned vertical.  I had the same issue here at the edges getting the yarn to stay on.  Once I got to the end I cut the yarn and tied it off to one of the wrapped pieces on the back side.
After all of the letters were complete I hot glued a ribbon on the back to connect them and attached the wooden wheels I found at Michaels.  The train was found in the same aisle as the wheels and I painted it to coordinate (I probably should have painted it a different body color because it reminds me too much of a tractor).

This adorable train is now hanging on the wall in Jameson's bedroom and he loves it.



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