Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Teeth

After several months and a couple of hard weeks of drooling, crankiness and acidic diaper changes Jameson has 2 teeth!  I think he is working on the top teeth now but I can't get my finger in there to see but he has his little lizard tongue going.  He bites if I go anywhere near :)  This week I was checking out his teeth and noticed they looked rotten and of course the overprotective mom freaks out.  I called Grangie, our new nick name for Grandma Angie (hehe), since she is a dental hygienist.  Of course all my worry was for nothing, just stain from the iron in his vitamins.  After a polishing and a couple brushing's his teeth are once again pearly white.

It is so hard to get pics of them but here they are!


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