Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Wow...I didn't realize that it had been a whole month since I last blogged!  Zack told me when we first started dating that I would grow to hate the month of August in his family.  He was so right!  There are 5 birthday's within a month of each other and boy does it make for a super, crazy busy month.  You add weddings 4 weddings on top of that and there is just no time left.  We are on the down hill now, one wedding to go then VACATION TIME!

We are going to Colorado for a whole week :)  Zack and I haven't been on a vacation in 4 years and it will be Jameson's 1st.  I am really looking forward to the time away but not at all looking forward to the car ride.  Jameson is great in the car but 10 hours in the car is not going to be fun.  I have had a couple recommendations to get a dvd player and some Baby Einstein videos.  So I will have to try that out.

So now onto the the last month of news since I was a slacker!  So many big things going on with Jameson :) I am going to make a few different posts.  I know I hate reading long posts and end up losing interest :)


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