Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Graphic Design

Among the many hobbies I have picked up over the years is a love for graphic design.  I am by no means a professional nor do I claim to be an expert but I love learning new Photoshop techniques and tricks.  I am 100% self taught on the program and my knowledge base is very limited when it comes to such extensive software but I manage.

Want to learn how to do Photoshop too?  The software can be very costly but there are free Photoshop-like programs available on the web.  Two that I am familiar with are Gimp and  Gimp is the more advanced option of the two but I have found that may be easier to use if you are unfamiliar with the programs.  Tutorials on different Photoshop techniques are available on YouTube which is where I have learned most of my abilities.

If you are interested in basic photo editing I recommend trying Google's free program Picasa combined with Picnik.  Both very easy to use and have fun features to create unique photographs.

My latest project was creating a header for my friend Krista's blog, granolAnika, of her beautiful little girl.

Of course there was my own header.

And then a commemorative sign I made for the 1 year birth of my son and other January 2010 babies.

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