Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look of the Day: Smokey Eyes

Products Used:

Step 1: Apply a cream eyeshadow base #1 with your finger over entire lid from lash line to brow.  Eyeshadow base helps keep eyeshadow in place longer and allows for bolder color application.

Step 2: Apply eyeshadow #2 to lid from lash to just under brow bone.

Step 3: Apply Eyeshadow #2 along upper and lower lash line, feathering at the outer corner.

Step 4: Apply Eyeshadow #3 on brow bone from the crease up to the brow.  Blending with Eyeshadow #2 using upward strokes.

Step 5: Apply Eyeshadow #4 just under brow bone where Eyeshadow #2 and #3 meet.  Start stroke from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Step 6: Apply Eyeshadow # 3 just under the eyebrow as a highlighter.

Step 7: Apply Slate Eyeliner from corner to corner of upper and lower lash line.  Making it thicker at the outer corner tapering to a fine line at the inner corner.  Drag a Q-Tip along the line towards the center to help smooth out and achieve the desired taper.

Step 8: This step is not required but for a little added drama you can also line the inner side of the lash line.  I used black eyeliner on both the upper and lower inner lash line.

Apply Mascara.

Blush: Apply blush per your face type, found here.  I used a tawny red/brown color.

Lips: Lip liner is only required for this look if you want to even out your lips.  Since my upper lip is smaller than my lower I line outside my upper lip and on the lip line for my lower lip.

Apply shimmery, beige color lip gloss over lips.

Look Complete:  What do you think?


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