Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am in the home stretch!

Today is day 12 of my 21 day blogging challenge!  When I started I thought it would be a lot more difficult to come up with something for a daily post but have found it pretty simple.  After my 21 days is up I think it will be easy for me to keep up the good habit.  The HabitForge website has really helped me along the way, making me check in daily.

It is fascinating to watch the stats for the blog, nearly 1,700 hits, over 100 on my Bold Lips post and people from all over the world are reading what I wrote: China, Singapore, Canada, Australia, UK, Russia, India, Iran and Belarus (which I have never heard of).  I have even gained 9 new followers!  It's not huge compared to a lot of blogs but I am happy with the progress!

I know there have been a lot of random posts but it is what is on my mind at the time.  I would love feedback from you about my blog.  Things you have liked, disliked, or would like to see.  Either leave me a comment or email me at AtoZandJ@gmail.com with any input.

Thanks for your continued support!


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