Thursday, March 24, 2011

Open letter to office employees around the world…

Dear Employees,

When are you going to grow up and realize this is a place of business? Not some place for you to show up when you feel like or expect someone else to clean up your messes. These things have to stop! 

To: All…what does your desk look like? Your desk is not a private place for you to wallow in your own trash, dirty dishes and scum. It is open for all to see, including clients. What do you think a client thinks when they walk in and see dirty dishes, laptops sitting on piles of paper, paper thrown on the floor and junk every where? Is that the type of place you would want to do business with? This doesn't mean it needs to be spotless, it just needs to be tidy. It is disrespectful! 

    To: Coffee drinkers…did you make the coffee? You ground the coffee and you made the coffee but did you clean up your messes? The coffee grounds on the counter or spilled water take two seconds to wipe up. Don’t just leave them, it is disgusting! 
    To: Coffee drinkers…Did you take the last of the coffee (or leave just enough to “pretend” like you didn’t take the last of the coffee)? Then see #2! Don’t just leave it for the next person to make. It is rude! 

    To: All…Did you take the last cookie from the table? Then throw away/clean up the container it was in. It is courteous! 

    To: All…did make your lunch today? Wonderful! Now clean up your mess! Clean any splatters in the microwave, spilled contents on the counter, spilled contents on the floor, etc. Oh, and trash goes in the trash can! It is simple!

    To: All…did you use dishes today? Then wash them! They don’t get left on the sink or on the counter, they either get hand washed and put in the drying rack or put in the dishwasher. It is easy! 
    To: All…is the dishwasher full? Then start it! 
    To: All…don’t know how to start the dishwasher? Ask! Don’t just leave it for someone else. It is childish! 

    To: All…have the urge to use the speaker phone? Go in the conference room or better yet just don’t do it! The rest of the office doesn’t need to hear it. It is annoying! 

    To: Know it alls…are you God? No? Then you know nothing! Now get off your high horse and join us in the real world!

This is just food for thought.  Even though I bet you are reading this and you are thinking, "I am not that person."   You may want to take a step back and just make sure because it has to be somebody!

Your Coworker’s

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