Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your new Avon Representative

At a loss of options for finding a makeup that I really actually liked and that I could afford I asked my coworker to order me some Avon Mineral Foundation purely because it was inexpensive.  For some reason I always thought Avon was cheap makeup for old women and I am, to be honest, a cosmetics snob.  Buying from the shelves at Target or Wal-Mart was never acceptable to me.  I guess that goes back to my years at Clinique.  However, once I received my new foundation I was pleasantly surprised.  I loved it and it didn't break the bank!  I was wrong about Avon, it wasn't just for old people, it is for me too!

I loved the product but that wasn't enough for me to consider taking it on to sell.  I have been down that road before, selling Pampered Chef.  It was so time consuming which is something I don't have the luxury of having extra.  It wasn't until I found out about Avon's new Mommy and Baby line coming out this April that I was convinced.  Tiny Tillia has the most adorable products for babies and toddlers I just couldn't resist!  I am now an Avon Representative and the way Avon is structured it isn't time consuming at all.  No parties or travelling required, just me and a catalog.

If you are in need of any Avon, Mark or Tiny Tillia products, check out my website or give me a buzz!


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